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I have been having problems over the past few months with these folks.

They told me they would manage my medications and prescriptions. All I needed to do was go online and refill or renew. They also stated they would contact my doctors for renewals.

I get 90 day refills with one deductable price.

The phone reps are always friendly and helpful. Well, as much as they are allowed. I too am always happy, joking and upbeat and help make them giggle a bit.

I order on line and get prompted to call them and order by phone order about 15% of my orders. Defeats the purpose of ordering on line. I lose my lunch ½ hour as well as more time off the clock.

If I order multiple prescriptions and one is not shippable they hold all four. Then the three are shown shipped 6 – 7 days after refill. When I try to reorder the 3 they will not ship them by the fill date so now I am 6 – 7 days without meds. My local pharmacy will use my fill date.

ES will not fill and ship so you receive your meds until the day or two before you run out.

I order on line. They need a new prescription to refill. They contact the doctor. (Only once from the way I understand) If the doctor does not reply in 10 days they cancel the order. ES does not call me or email me. Just cancel. I don’t have a clue unless I log on their web site every few days. This is ES responsibility to let me know. That’s why I hired them to help manage my meds.

I ordered on line and 6 out of 8 prescriptions didn’t make it through the system. When contacting an ES rep the best she could do is to process the order. She could not offer any type of rush to get them to me on time. Okay, they are only allowed to do so much.

Upon speaking with a supervisor (I was told) the person didn’t seem to really care. They were a “corporate protocol” recording. They got a bit snotty and insisted I needed to contact my physicians for refills. I was told they mailed me a letter in regard to one of them. I was out of town for two weeks, mail on hold so I didn’t get the notification until the mail got delivered. When I asked why they didn’t call at the phone number I have to give them to prove my identity I got no answer.

I too explained that the reason I use them is that I trust them with my heath. If they don’t provide me with my medications on time or contact me like they say they will I cannot function in a normal world.

I think it’s time for me to look at other suppliers that really may care about customer service.

Review about: Express Scripts Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Phone representitive.

I didn't like: Doing their job.

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