Every link on the website sends you somewhere where you are not supposed to go. Half the phone numbers they have on their contact information are out of service.

Customer Service is not trained very well and give different answers every time I call. They are a nightmare to deal with in the past year. It will not let me sign in because apparently my password is wrong, and the forgot password function does not work on the website.

This is only one of my many problems I have faced recently. Not worth saving money going through Express-Scripts.com, because time is money and they will suck up all your time.

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My company drug plan has been thru ES for 14 years and scrolling thru their website is a pia. When you select a section to access you have to log back in. You are required to log in multiple times to accessing different information; this is a very poor web design.


Agree completely. They really need to up their game.

For example, I can't even login with the CORRECT username/password combination. The site experience is honestly more miserable than being in the waiting room at the doctor's office.

It's certainly more infuriating.

Their site touts "care and convenience," neither of which I am seeing. Care would mean allowing a person login with their credentials, and one would assume convenience would fall along those same lines.

Huntsville, Alabama, United States #721281

To say that ES sucks is really being quite generous. I have not talked with one ES user who had anything good to say about the service.

Since the most popular health plan at my job required ES for long term prescriptions, we have a whole building full of ES haters. Thank God that my company finally took notice of all the employee complaints about ES and switched to CVS Caremark.

I hope they go out of business, which is where they belong.

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