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First and last experience with Express Scripts - in 50 years I've never seen a less competent organization.. Their motto should be "Express Scripts: We'll Fill Your Prescription When We Feel Like It".

Waiting on vacation override of a medication that could result in seizures if I run out. Twice I was promised an expedited order (they've been trying since the 6th). Today I was told my script is "still in process" and maybe I'll get it Thursday. The rep was insincere and could have cared less.

The upshot is I won't have my medication until who knows when and I'll likely be out by then. They're not only poor at what they do, they're dangerous in their inability to respond. HQ hides somewhere -- can't complain to them.

Perhaps they hide because of the abysmally bad team under them.

- Dr. Smith

Product or Service Mentioned: Express Scripts Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Express Scripts Pros: 90 day supply of medicine delivered to your residence.

Express Scripts Cons: Incompetent, Bad bad bad.

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  • Poor Communication
  • Custmer Service
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They have been blaming delays on my doctor's office for a year, while it is their poor processes that have resulted in my receiving perpetually late prescriptions. Orders go into a black hole when near completion, and this reviewer is absolutely correct in describing their callous attitude; it truly is, "we'll fill it when we feel like it. "


Same situation here every 90 days the shipments are 3-4 days late at best. In some cases they just don't ship anything at all without any notification.

Every, yes every time a refill is due, it's late and I have to contact my Dr and get a short term prescription sent to the local pharmacy and then Express Scripts typically denies the request after telling me they will call the local pharmacy. I'm fairly certain their systems assume 30 days in every month and has no adjustments for shipping time or impact of weekends and holidays. Perhaps the spreadsheet used to manage the business needs to be updated.

I have resorted to just calling every time a refill is due and make a record that the prescriptions are late in case I do die, have a heart attack or my head just plain pops off due to combination of irritation and high blood pressure. AVOID if possible.

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