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I started using express scripts 3 months ago and twice now my doctor has sent ExpressScripts my prescription in with refills, and both times I have received my prescription in the mail with the label marked "no refills". The first time I did not even notice because I always get refills on this prescription, I've been taking it for years and wouldn't have expected this to happen just because I switched to using ExpressScripts instead of a regular pharmacy.

3 months later and my medication is almost out, and I'm wondering why I haven't received my next 3 month supply yet.

I call up ExpressScripts and they say I'm out of refills and they have been "unable" to get in contact with my doctor's office, despite having the office number. Of course they gave me no notification on their end to me about the issue, not via phone, email or snail mail despite having my contact for all of these. If I had not checked in I would not have known until after I ran out.

So I call up my doctor and have them rush out a new prescription for me so I can get my refill before I run out of medication. I make sure I tell them to please send it with refills this time.

A few days later I get my new script in the mail and of course, again it says no refills on it. But when I call my doctor's office they check the prescription they sent to ExpressScripts and tell me it had 5 refills on it.

I call up ExpressScripts with this information and get the rudest "pharmacy tech" who tells me that my doctor's office is wrong and that they did not send it with refills. I ask her if someone can contact my doctor's office to fix this issue and she tells me "can't you just do it" and "just tell your doctor to send in the RIGHT prescription next time".

Insane... If my doctor is saying they sent in the correct script, and the pharmacy is telling me they received something else, twice now, what else can *I* personally do here?

Is it not the pharmacy's job to reach out to the doctor if there are issues like these with the prescription written? What purpose would it serve for me to call back and forth between ExpressScripts and my doctor's office, when clearly an issue with a prescription going through incorrectly this is something that needs to be resolved between a doctor and a pharmacist directly? I don't understand why ExpressScripts would be telling its customer service reps to handle issues like mine in this manner... it makes absolutely no sense...

Don't make the mistake of thinking this service will save you time or effort because you don't need to pick your medication up at the pharmacy.

You'll be wasting your time on hold or talking to customer service reps who could care less if you get your medication. If you have the option, go somewhere else to get your medication.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Waste Of Time
  • Misinformed Staff
  • Terrible Customer Serivce
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Hello Consumer- We’re sorry that you had a negative experience. We would like to discuss your situation further to make sure your issue is resolved and does not occur in the future.

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I reached out and all your office did was send me an email saying I was accusing your company of “withholding medications” and then told me they were sending copies of the prescriptions they received to my home. This does absolutely nothing to fix my issue, which is simply that a pharmacist from your company needs to reach out to my doctors office to see why there is an issue with what is being prescribed vs what is being received.

Why is this so difficult? Any other pharmacy would have already done this

Natalie F

Thank you for finally resolving my issue. Despite the fact that I called customer service over 8 times over the course of 2 weeks regarding this, I was told each time that what I was requesting -- for someone from Express Scripts to personally reach out to my doctor to see what was going wrong with my prescription -- was impossible.

Yet it seems that this clearly was possible, because as soon as I posted this review and my follow up comment, someone on your "Social Media Management Team" was able to contact my doctor and get this resolved in less than 3 days. It's very disappointing that your company is only concerned with providing good service to their customers after they have posted negative reviews about the company.

Will I need to post negative reviews in the future every time I have an issue with my prescriptions in order to receive proper assistance? Seems like a terrible way to do business


We’re sorry that you had a negative experience. We would like to discuss your situation further to make sure your issue is resolved.

Please consider sending your name, member ID, date of birth and phone number where we can best reach you to and reference#.

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