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My prescription for timolol eye drops was reduced by EXPRESS SCRIPTS from 45ml. for 90 days to 10ml.

for 90 days and they said my doctor did this. Another LIE from express scripts-I talked to my doctor and he said absolutely not! He said that would not be enough which I knew because I had kept records and one five ml. bottle last 34 days.

He said HE DID NOT change my prescription! Express scripts says They need prior authorization to give me more and yet they gave me much less at their own doing. I asked why did they did not ask the doctor for authorization when she submitted they prescription instead of answering request approved? They gave me no answer for this.

I asked if they would now let the doctor know what is needed and was told they have no way of doing this. That is crap-they contact doctors for refills and also my doctor told me they have received answers from express scripts and that express scripts should notify them of what is needed.

Location: Menifee, California

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