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so alprazaolam XR 4mg since 2014, yes I have tried all the anti anxiety/anti depressants, and they make me sick when the anti-depressant part kicks in. I'm one of those people that Xanax works well for.

I had 3 MG XR for 10+ years, had a horrible boss/work environment for 7, it stopped working, my doc wouldn't bump me 1 mg- he was uncomfortable and wanted me to work with a psychiatrist- but he did give me Pristique which almost landed me in a psych hospital- it was so horrible. I finally got into the psychiatrist- she said- "not my fave medicine, but it seems to work for you, you tried multiple other medications, I don't have a problem giving you an extra milligram a day after being on it 10+ years" Plus I want to wean off it now that work is better, the flooding of my house in houston is done. So back to Express Scripts- no nebulous "one or more of your perscriptions has changed or is no longer covered.." letters, no phone call. Kroger Pharmacy gets a denial for a refill.

They don't call neither does express, I go in for another and find out I was denied. Well why? They don't know. I call Express Scripts, get disconnected from the first person not helping me.

The second sounds like he knows what he is talking about, he didn't. So now, I have 4 days left of meds. Kroger did a great job of getting the Pre-Auth form and faxing it to the Psych office, I call the Psych office and their Rx person had my paperwork in front of her as soon as I said my name. Her experience, she will have it in today and try to "push them to rush it" I have a history of trying alternatives and been on this Rx for several years working well, it should go through" Ok your experience if not?

You can protest it and that could take up to 30 days. Ah now I remember this, I had Express a few years ago with a different employer- "We determined you do not need to be on prilosec it is a short term medication" Well my doctor says different and I have been on it 7 years to control my reflux- long story short, I fought them for 90 days, they grudgingly did me a "favor" approved it for a year, by that time I changed my diet MORE, chewed alot of gaviscon and told them to shove it, one less drug in my system. There website is useless. You can't get real answers to even help yourself- ie.

where is that preauthorization form you said was on the website so I can get it to my doctor? Have your pharmacist call the doctor with the number, your doctor calls us, we fax them the form, they fill out why you need your Rx, they fax it back, we review it with as much time as we damn well feel like it, then we may or may not approve it to your pharmacy. I hate them, I wish this was back in the day when I was a baby teacher and they had choices of health plan companies and choices of Rx plan companies, now we get one company, possibly a few health coverage options of varying costs, oh and Rx companies- I guess lowest bidder.

Ridiculous the whole thing. Just what someone with Anxiety/panic attacks needs to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Express Scripts Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Sudden Pre-Authorization.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Approve the generic Rx you have been covering for the past 37 fills!.

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