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My husband had to choose a new prescription plan as he started on Medicare. It was suggested that he use Express Scripts as it would be the best financially for the meds he was on.

I started the process early, having the MD send the scripts prior to the 10/1 start date so everything would be in place and it would be a smooth transition. He has a kidney transplant and Express Scripts and their specialty pharmacy, Acredo, are passing the buck, siting "process" and coming up with every issue that they can find to not sent the med. I have talked to at least 4-8 people at both pharmacies and one does not know what the other does. After years of being on a specific medication for the transplant they will not send the meds because the pharmacist thinks there can be an interaction with another med - he has been on both for years!

One excuse after another from both Express Scripts and their specialty pharmacy Acredo. If possible STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Express Scripts Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Express Scripts Cons: Accredo and express scripts are passing the buck, Response to questions changes with each call, All say they are sorry but no one solves issues, No communication between accredo and express scripts.

  • Horrible Retiree Insurance
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We're sorry about your experience and want to make sure you get the medication you need. Please consider sending your name, member ID, date of birth and phone number where we can best reach you to ExpressRxHelp@express-scripts.com in reference Review #1380677. Best Regards, Stephanie Express Scripts

Geri L

There really is no reason to contact you - I have no confidence in Express Scripts and I am sure you will just give me another canned response. Since the above post, things have gone from bad to worse.

I called the complaint line, talk to various people and am told to call Medicare! - No one at either Acredo or Express Scripts can tell me who to call there. Put in a formal complaint with Express Scripts and the response is that they gave me the needed info to call Medicare because Medicare sent them a report that Medicare paid for part of the transplant years and years ago – Express Scripts could not provide the number to call at Medicare, could not give me the name of the report, could not let me speak with anyone that saw the report and kept saying there was nothing they could do! When I called Medicare, they had no idea what report I was even talking about, that they DO NOT send reports to mail order pharmacies and stated that they had NO record of Medicare paying for any part of the transplant.

Called Express Scripts again and gave them dates, names, examples of what happened and of course it all comes back to me not knowing.... really? Why tell me to call in letters or on here and then provide no information? All the information that I was given from Express Scripts was wrong, Acredo will not talk to me about obtaining the med as they do what Express Scripts tells them.

I worked in the medical field working with insurance companies and know my way around - I pity anyone that uses Express Scripts and does not know how to get through all the BS. Every call is a different answer to the same question. I did finally send the needed meds stating all that they needed was paperwork from the MD. MD sent paperwork at least 3 times that I am aware of.

When the meds finally arrived we were VERY close to running out and it should not take 3 months to get a company to figure it out!

I have at least 3 letters stating that Express Scripts will not send the meds and 4 that state that auth was given till the year 2099 – the letters come within days of each other. Express Scripts does not have a clue.

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