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Switched to Express scripts on 10/1. Went to order my RA maintenance meds and had to redo the whole prior auth process all over again.

Drs office tells me what a nightmare dealing with them is. Ive now gone without my meds for three months because they were unwilling or unable to get their *** together. I finally jump through all the hoops, get my Enbrel copay assistance sent over (that they were unwilling to help with as cvs/caremark had), get my meds shipped, and SURPRISE! I get a bill for $1300 along with it that should be $0 if they properly billed copay assistance.

I also realized that they are not applying any of my med expenses towards my deductible so therefore Ive over paid for medications by about $800. In addition, my account now is locked because I have this inaccurate “excessive balance” and I cant order any of my other medications for myself or other family members. Their policy is they cant tell me exactly whats due until they ship the order. That is ***.

Now my acct is frozen and I have no faith they’ll be able to fix it promptly. Since when do companies not know the price of their product and make customers pay whatever the company decides after they receive it? Your mechanic doesnt say “I cant give you a price, we’ll just fix it and you’ll have to pay whatever we say.”? They dont.

Bad business model. When I asked how long it would take to correct the billing issue, I was told up to 30 days! This is one of about ten meds so I guess I won’t be getting my other nine this month! When I ordered my refrigerated injections from CVS/Caremark, they came carefully packed snugly with four ice packs, in a thick styrofoam cooler, inside a cardboard box.

This time they came loosely packed in a cheap giant thin styrofoam cooler that had been cracked from shipping. Per the security cams, it was only on my porch for about an hr in above-freezing temps, yet the medication was partially frozen. I highly doubt they’ll replace $4,477 worth of shots on my word that they were frozen. I’m sure they’ve also billed me for the sharps container and four alcohol swaps I told them I didn’t need or want.

The reps are the rudest, most unprofessional people I’ve ever talked to. At one point, the girl put me on hold but not mute and took a call from her baby daddy laced with expletives. When she finally came back on and I got her to understand what I need fixed, she said “that’s gonna take a while, why dont you call back tomorrow because we close soon”. They would have closed in 30 mins.

Not my fault I waited on hold a good 20 mins, your rep wasted 5 mins talking to her baby daddy, and it took an excessive amount of time for her to comprehend how a combined deductible works! About 50% of the time, when I fill at the pharmacy counter something goes wrong. “Not a covered drug” for a refill of a drug that was covered last month. Expired.

Deductible not met. You name it, they have an excuse not to pay. They also tried to overbill me prior to meeting the deductible by charging me the drug price PLUS my $100 specialty copay. The policy docs say you pay one or the other, not both, and even if I were to pay both, the drug price would be $100 off plus the $100 copay.

You don’t ADD the copay to the cost of the medication. I finally got our HR department to contact the broker and have him resolve it because I wasn’t getting anywhere and talking policy documents and numbers was too complicated for their reps to handle. Try to set up an online acct and it says I already have one. Took five phone calls and probably 7-10 reps to get it fixed.

They also argued with me over what my zipcode is. Uh, I think I know! Last night, the woman was rude to start and when I said “oh I guess we need to fix my hubs acct too” she flipped and said “you didnt say anything about that.

I dont know how you are but i can only do one at a time so you need to make up your mind what you want fixed.” Of course after she asked me to stay on the line for a survey about the service, she hung up. They do that every time they’re unprofessional.

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Hello Consumer, My name is Adam and we are sorry that you had a negative experience regarding your service. We would like to discuss your situation further please reply to with your member ID number, full name, zip and contact information. We can have someone reach out.

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