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There has been a series of screw ups on the same order and still will not have till after I am out. I am pan pituitary and taking HGH at a low level to keep functioning.

Low level because it increases sugar but I have to tak, e so we alternate two doses. !rst the prior 90 days it seems they used the same RX sticker on all boxes and bags of instead of two diff numbers. Then they sat on the order till I found as it was finally being shipped to be delivered after I was out that it was only 1/2 an order. Then I was told that they would not ship the other till US Military/Tricare paid them in full.

I went back to the regular express scripts from the specialty pharmacy to correct this and get this worked out. I was told finally it was. 6 days later I am told again it isn't. I have no meds they have pulled money from my account and they will not let me get to the right people.

They they say the NEW notes in system say some different than what happened and what had been there prior yet they are time and date stamped so do they all lie to cover each depts rear? . I was 2 hours one day on the phone on this and two hours and 20 minutes today. The last woman who was supposed to be a higher supervisor than before kept sighing so I would know that was her response and said gee I told you we are sorry and you are not getting the medicine till after you are out.

I said I wanted her supervisor and she hung up on me. Not one rep knew this medicine could not be obtained from a local pharmacy or anything else about what they did for a living.

I spoke with the Military rep who wants this in writing and will deal with this. They could not believe this went on.

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