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Tricare Pharmacy Program with Express Scripts 3 of 3 people found it helpful
Very poor service, very disorganized with complete lack of sensitivity to their customers, they push their agenda of mail order and disregard customer needs, I've been with brand Lipitor for over 20 years and Express Scrips is forcing me to take generic by increasing the price and make the approval process for the brand product unbearable, they request my doctor to call for pre-approval every month! Now I have to pay my doctor $25/month for them...
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  • Service quality
Now we have to always use Express Scripts. Express Scripts is awful. They can't get anything right. I have a full unused year of all of my blood pressure meds. They just ship it so they can take a sale. How is that saving money?? Now we are trying to get a very serious medication with hopes of holding off surgery, but after 8 phone calls, still no luck. Last time they gave an over-ride so we could go to CVS. They won't do it again, and...
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