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Every time I've contacted them, they have excellent customer service reps, but the problem is their terrible policies. I've had several major issues that I've been told by Express-Scripts simply cannot be fixed:

1.) Honestly, the worst part is the restrictions on retail pharmacy. ES thinks it's "easier" for me to put everything on mail order. One of my prescriptions is a controlled substance, and I literally was told I have to send it in by snail mail to get the home delivery. Which, whatever, I understand that this part is the law. However, I feel like in this type of situation it would be fair for them to let me get it at an actual pharmacy, where the ordeal is over in one hour instead of one month, and there's no risk of my prescription getting lost in the ether of the USPS. Instead, I'm told that I can only get 30 days at the retail pharmacy.

2.) Sometimes my doctor's office sends refills earlier than I actually need them, so that they're on file when I am ready to call them in. However, Express-Scripts auto fills anything that gets sent to them. The only way to cancel a prescription is if I happen to check my account within a very short window after this has happened. I asked ES to put a hold on my meds until I call for them or at least for them to contact me- was told there's no way to do this. I then asked if I could simply be notified every time that a prescription is received by them- was also told no. I literally have an overflow of several medications I've had to pay for because ES filled them without my consent and said it was too late to cancel them when I tried.

3.) My mailing address with Express-Scripts is a P.O. box, because I live in an apartment and don't want anyone taking my meds. However, I always give my physical address at the doctor's office, because I don't mind receiving other mail at home. Literally every single time my doctors send in a prescription, ES puts an automatic hold on it due to an "address mismatch", even though I have explained to them numerous times that the mailing address they have on file is the right one and there will always be a mismatch between that and what my various doctors have on file.

Get it together, ES...if I had ANY other option, I would use it. I literally am considering changing my insurance to a more expensive plan for 2019 just to avoid being forced to use this terrible service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Express Scripts Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Fix your policy issues at the systemic level instead of offering an apology to pacify your customers..

Express Scripts Cons: Being inconvenienced by arbitrary restrictions.

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