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I am suffering waiting for migraine meds that were received and approved after the auth. process that my Dr.

sent to get the higher qty of 72 pills for 90 days. I have to suffer in between since I have migraines every day. This process is torture enough and the auth. would always last 6 mos.

which was bad enough. I rarely had smooth sailing then to even order the refill. In the last yr. the auth.

is only valid for a few weeks after the order is sent, which makes no sense. Therefore, the Dr. has to send in the auth. two weeks before the 90 days so that it will get processed and shipped to me on time.

I have taken this migraine med. at least 15 yrs or so and prior to that another brand that was less effective, so a total of 24 yrs of taking these meds. I called HR from my spouse's company to get this auth. to last at least the 6 months again a week after my prescription was approved.

This turned into a new nightmare that I only found out while the person from HR dept had me on 3 way call only to find out that my med. is not available from the mfr. that I requested and may take another week or two. So no one from express contacted me or sent an email etc.

like they do when they want to send reminders of other meds or take it upon themself to put you on auto when I never want that unless it was my migraine med. but they will never put that on auto. They should not be taking peoples health and severe issues that will occur if not taking these meds or any other peoples meds. This med.

has turned to generic around 2 yrs ago and one time they sent me their house brand is what a pharmacist called it and it was hardly effective and caused so many reactions and dizziness, vomiting etc. Now to say that they are still waiting to get it from the mfr. I want is complete nonsense and I will be calling that company or sending in a complaint to ask if this is true. I will also send complaints to the headquarters of my husbands corporation and make them aware of all the complaints that are listed in consumer affairs.

We should not be dismissed, ignored or dictated to like this. I want the freedom to get meds. filled at local pharmacy where I have never had any issues with generic brands of other meds ever. Express is dishonest and should not be trusted at all.

In agreement with others, they do make up lots of stories and twist them into their own versions or else state they did not receive calls or faxes from Dr. etc. the list is endless. This is day 12 of waiting and I am a wreck and making the pain worse.

I have spent so many hrs of calls this week with express and a few hrs with HR dept and hope someone has the decency to contact me and let me know why they cannot get info. from mfr if in fact that is the reason they do not have it!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Express Scripts Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Express Scripts Verified Representative

Hello Consumer,We apologize and we can always look further into this issue. Please email with your member ID, phone number, DOB, Name and Review # 1249056 Thank you –Stephanie

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