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I started with express scripts in Febuary. The first delivery was boom and there.

Then I sent a money Order for my next shipment. Well it got lost. So I had to come up with more money . Then Xpress Scripts found the money but never told me.

So I was 2 weeks without pills. On June 5th 2017 I got a shipment and I sent it back. Told them to cancel ordeer. Then I called a week later to see why my money hadn't been returned from the Debit Card.

They told me I could not get my money back. They argued and told me if I wanted my meds they would ship them but there would be no refund. So I said this sucks and to go ahead and mail them back please. On the 327th of June I called again.

Told them I had no medication. THey said I had cancled . I told them that was to be on future orders. They had all ready billed my insurance company and no money was going to be refunded.

Fine just send the pills because they still hadn't sent them back. Now it is July 14 and I still have no medication. I cannot afford to go and try to get them without insurance, 500 dollars I don't have. I have a heart condition., Have had Heart Attack twice in the last 5 years.

I have a chemical imbalance in my Brain. So I am Bi-Polar. Plus many other medications I have for a month. We have been calling these fools everyday.

My husband, on Wed. ,spent and hour trying to get everything straightened out. They said they could send it over night but it would take 2 days anyway. Cost of 24.95 to me the consumer.So 2 days later and 24.95 later for overnight didn;t happen.

Well, today Friday still no meds. I am really getting very agitated. Without my meds I turn into a crazy person. I do not want to be insane.

Today friday the 14 I have been with out meds for over a month. Everyday this week we have called every time they say they had cancled the order. It was supoposed to be cancled after this shipment. They are holding my medication hostage.

Propbably won't matter. The Senate is *** bent on going back to the old system which I couldn't have insurance for 15 years. Now I pay a premium and copays and can have a life that is free from mental anguish. That is all going to end if the BLACK Hearted evil men who care about nothing about We the People.

Just like this company. The service is shite but they make money regardless. Now my husband says that they are sending the meds net week now. Another 5 day wait.

I am not a healthy person. I have autio immune and other aliments that make it difficult to be sane without my meds. So in 5 days I may be in hospital by them. Over a month without medication.

I am surprised I haven't tried to hurt myself. THese are the consequences of working with people of Big Pharma they do not give a shite about any of us. Money greed is their master. 4 of my medications I am never to stop them cold turkey.

That is what this company has done to me. I am going to contact a Lawyer. I feel I may end up in the hospital and I do not want to. But I usually do when I can't get my meds.

I spent 15 years deciding on food or Medication. Which was more important? The answer is BOTH are very important. This company and the Senate probably know each other well.

I will NEVER ever use a Online service again. My Pharmacy knows me for 30 yeras, They cost a little more but it is worth the piece of mind that I will get my medication when I need it. This company is the absolute worse company. If you take life saving Meds like I do, NEVER go online for medicine.

THere are so many racketts there. Just like this one. Just waiting to die if I do not get my meds. YOU Express scripts.

I end up in Hospital we will sue you for a lot of money.

There is absolutly no excuse for holding Medication Hostage. You people suck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Express Scripts Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: I would say all of the above. You people have put me through a wringer..

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, United States #1350508
Express Scripts Verified Representative

Hello Consumer, We are very sorry about your experience and want to make sure you get the medication you need. Please send member ID, phone number and DOB to

Please also include Review #1074348. A member from our team will look into this and reach out to you.

Thank you. -Sarah, Express Scripts

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