I am amazed at your Express Scrips ability to obfuscate, delay and ultimately deny a prescription that would enhance the quality of life of claimant. I saw, and have continued to see, the apathy and sheer indifference to the insured due to corporate greed and the bottom line at the personal suffering of the aged, infirmed and needy. If I am perhaps wrong in my assertion, please feel free to set the record straight.

User's recommendation: Have an attorney on retainer if you have the wherewithal.

Location: Texarkana, Texas

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Hello, We can always help with this denial issue. Please email ExpressRxHelp@express-scripts.com your member ID, date of birth and phone number.

Please reference #2529648-Thank you, Adam F. Express Scripts Pharmacy


Don't say you can help when you won't. Don't sugar coat your inability to assist with coverage.

Look in to why other pharmacy services are able to cover the same meds that you are unable. It's a scam.


You need to provide more details. What is the medication?

Did the doctor have to get involved in a prior authorization process? If so, was it denied and what was the reason?

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