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I wanted to document complaints regard Express Scripts.

1. They cannot produce a formulary listing of medications with approx cost. Since we now have significant out-of-pocket costs until the deductible is met, we need to know the cost of a medication is before it is dispensed. We can see prices at Costco pharmacy. My physician prescribes a medication and send the Rx to Express Scripts. Sometimes I don't know the details behind the Rx so even if I call ES, I may not have the correct details. Having to remember to call day-after-day is not practical.

2. Since it takes at least two weeks to receive the medication after ES starts processing it, I submitted two prescriptions for refill 3 weeks before I would be out. I kept waiting - the status on the website said 'in process'. Finally I called them only to find out they were waiting for my physician to authorize the refills - even though there were refills remaining. If ES is waiting for physicians and they don't get a response - do they just keep waiting? There needs to be followup from ES. They could have called or emailed me and I would have immediately contacted my doctor. (this has happened more often than naught. Their automated refill services does not work - there are always problems with the refills and I only have 4 medications)

3. My doctor faxed the refill authorization. Another week goes by - no meds. I called ES - they never got the fax. I called my doctor. They are getting upset because they faxed it. They will refax it. Why is it me that has to do this? The patient should not be in the middle of the pharmacy and the doctor? Costco contacts the doctors directly, so does CVS. What is wrong with ES?

4. Finally - they get the refill request and (now 5 weeks after I submitted the request originally), the medication comes in a bag that looks like it was run over by a truck. The bottle caps are broken. Chips of cap are mixed in with the pills, many of which are crushed or in pieces - loose in the bag. I took pictures and used the 'contact us' email on ES website. They state they will answer within 1 business day. 2 business days later, I called them, telling them about this condition of the medication.

5. ES said they will send a replacement but, oh wait, they have to check with my physician again before sending a replacement. They think it will take 4-5 business days to process. Mail will take another 2-3 business days. No apologies. So it seems I now need to give ES 6 weeks lead time for refills - which probably won't be allowed because of the time limit between refills. This is very poor service.

6. Another week goes by, my doctor has re-faxed the authorization, ES says they did not receive. I had my doctor fax it into CVS and picked up the medication same day.

7. ES sent me an envelope to send back the damaged pills and containers on 6/10 –ish. They said they would issue a credit for the prescription when the pills/containers were returned. I sent everything from the damaged package back to them.

8. To date (7/13/12), I have not received a refund. I will contact my credit card company today as well.

I am not complaining about paying for the medication. However, I 'am' paying for the medication and I want the medication in a reasonable timeframe. I expect ES to contact my doctor or contact me if there are any problems with the prescription. I expect them to ship the medications in a secure manner so I receive the medications undamaged.. I am sure my company is paying more than I am to contract with ES. I can no longer afford to take up this much of my time to deal with Express Scripts. I will use CVS or Costco or Canadian pharmacies. The service and quality from ES is so poor, I am ashamed that my company contracts with them.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #677195

I have had every single issue listed above with Express Scripts and I was extremely vocal about all of it. I used to believe that if you pointed out something that was broken, the company would want to fix it to prevent it being "broken" for someone else (basic process improvement).

Boy, I could NOT have been more wrong! I encountered one rude customer service person after another - all the way up to some Vice President. Everything was my fault and I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I was just "disconnected". I used to work with call centers so I know how to hold my temper - being angry and loud doesn't get you anywhere.

On the other hand, being reasonable didn't either. :(


I am sorry you endured all this! so much happened....At any point, did you tell an associate at Express Scr you were out of meds?

If you were out of meds due to delays which happened because of Express Scr error, they should have provided you a cost waiver for a short term prescription (usually a 7 day supply) at your local pharmacy. I really hope this improves for you!

to This is bad #697821

Are you a troll? Serious, I work for Express Scripts and every day I spend time trying to fix the type of problems listed by the customer.

You sound like a brown-nosing supervisor trying to pin problems on everyone but the system. The problem is that ESI keeps raising the rates of how work we are expected to do in an hour. If you take the time to do a quality job, then your rates fall.

The only way to meet the "target" is to keep the calls as short as possible, resolve enough in the computer to score your "point" and then move on--passing the problem onto the next rep.

In addition, Express Scripts just tightened the rules under which they will replace medication. They care nothing for either the customers or the employees.

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