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I am a chronically ill person suffering from migraines and fibromyalgia as well as degenerative spinal problems. I work full time and need a nap in the afternoon. This nap is critical for my health as I do have some problems but enjoy an active career, despite these issues.

A few months ago, I started receiving an incredible number of calls at bad times of day from a party only identified on my Caller ID as "Wyckoff." I didn't know who this was and assumed if it was someone important, they would leave a message. They never did leave a message, but this disrupted my sleep for months before I even knew who was calling me. I finally started picking up these calls and discovered that these were sales agents from my pharmaceutical insurance company trying to get me to transfer the prescriptions I pick up from the Walgreens that is walking distance from me. I like being able to get my prescriptions from a local pharmacist where I can discuss health concerns with a live person and get immediate attention if I am ill.

Express Scripts disagrees. They think the best way to get me the opiates I need for pain is to dump three months' worth at a time in my wide open Hollywood mailbox. They have their agents mercilessly call me, waking me up at least once a week, trying to get their greedy hands on all my prescriptions. They threaten to make it impossible to fill these prescriptions at Walgreens, which I would rather use. If I call back the "Wyckoff" number, the recording says, "thank you for calling Medco."

I asked them to stop these calls. One day, after I asked them to stop calling me, they called me again and asked how they could help me better use their services. I took their bait, and asked them if they could explain to me why I paid for a prescription they said they would pay for. The person who called, Wyckoff again, couldn't tell me this information. It was clear they didn't even have access to the Medco/Express-Scripts prescribing system. They were just salespeople, using autodialers, only trying to get me to transfer my prescriptions to their lousy service. After an hour or so being transferred through various supervisors, they offered to send me a paper form by mail for a refund (but I had better have a receipt).

Express Scripts then said they were sorry about how they were treating me and they'd like to help me get my prescription filled. See, they failed to fill it by any reasonable means, and sent me driving around Los Angeles at my own peril looking for the medication they failed to provide. I am on a lot of medication and should not be driving at all, which is why I called them for help in the first place.

So they called me back at 5:36 a.m., the first Friday of Memorial Day weekend to discuss how to resolve the problem. I have been so upset that this is allowed in my country that rather than spend my weekend resting for my work, or getting ready for a business trip next week, I have been on a letter-writing campaign to STOP this practice in my country. The stress of this is making me physically sicker.

This is capitalism gone amok. I have hundreds of dollars worth of unneeded migraine medication their agents sold me one day when they woke me up and threatened to stop filling it if I didn't agree to buy three months' worth from them by mail. I now use a different form of the medication. I called them recently to prevent them from sending me another batch of this medication and they claimed they would continue to send me each and every refill the doctor prescribed unless he went out of his way to call them to tell them to stop sending it to me. What pharmacy does this?

I can only imagine the elderly patients who probably have whole closets full of medication because they don't have the will or energy to fight pharmacies like Express-Scripts, armed with the same autodialers scam Indian pharmacies use to call me to send me drugs from overseas. I call the police on those companies. Why can't the police protect me from harassment by Medco?

So whether it's "Wyckoff", "Medco Health," "Express Scripts" or the shady offshore pharmacy, I am unable to sleep and stay employed due to phone harassment by companies that try to push drugs on me. I can't do anything about the shady offshore pharmacy, but WHY are American companies allowed to mercilessly call sick people with autodialers and sell them drugs they don't need or want while refusing to provide customer service sufficient to fill prescriptions they do need?

Express Scripts needs to stop this practice and they need to be proud enough of their abusive little company to put their name on their Caller ID. This is criminal abuse and it causes REAL harm. I have complained to the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, the FDA, the DoJ, my president, my senators, the AARP, the AADP, and the pharmacy boards of two states. And now I am letting PissedConsumer know of this company's despicable sales practices to chronically ill patients who are not able to defend themselves against pushy salespeople who threaten them.

If you hate Medco, like I hate Medco, here are some links for you. I don't know if they work, but sometimes it's a numbers game. If everyone here who hates Medco writes, we'd get some action:

Write your president:


Write your senator (varies by state -- find your senator. They all have e-mail forms.)

HHStips@oig.hhs.gov -- Tipline for Health and Human Service Department. Tell them how you feel about Medco's and Express Scripts Shitastic customer service (use nice words, they appreciate it)

If you feel that Medco unfairly restricts your consumer choice, write the Department of Justice. Express-Scripts is now a giant company that owns Medco. These guys approved the merger. Do you agree?


If you think the autodialers are ***, write the FCC:


Google "Pharmacy Board" + the name of your state. Find the complaint e-mail address or contact. For California, you can write to Ms. Virginia Herrold:


And if you would be so kind, include a copy of your e-mails to these organizations to:

"Brian (EHQ) Henry"

"George Paz"


And let them know some crazy fibromyalgia patient on the internet suggested you include them on your important communications. You can do it. Get cracking! Write one good letter about your experiences and cut and paste as above.

Thank you for your time.

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Something not exact but similiar happened to me.I thought I was dealing with Express Scripts.

Since they change rules and procedures often, it was hard to tell, and I got scammed. Then a year later approx, I was informed that I had violated the law and they were willing to take care of court proceedings in the Dominican Republic, and they have a car in the area. Police radio plays in background. I worked for 30 years as a pharmacist, but the initial call is what do you need refilled.

The many changes in mail order over say 10 years, made the refill call believable. If you need something refilled, do not respond to a phone call asking what you need refilled, do not provide charge card information. Independently verify any number you call, and personally initiate the transaction. A secure Internet address may be alright, but don't settle for small deviations.

Use the address you know, no extra words, dots, dashes. False web sites often anticipate a misspelling.

Be very wary of any transaction that says redirect.Anyone can copy a web page from the original coding.

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #806261

I will definitely start contacting these above mentioned agencies, but since I have spent the last 4 hours on the phone to Express Scripts (customer service, manager, and a pharmacist) and APWU benefits coordinator, I am too exhausted and angry to begin.I am on high blood pressure medication and am at high risk for strokes so I try not to push it too far.

It's like beating your head against a brick wall, talking to these robots, but I guess we all just have to suck it up and pay the price. Being a retired pharmacist, I had to deal with angry customers all day long and tried to run interference for them with their insurance companies--on the phone all day long, because I cared.

It took its toll on me and I had to retire a few years early because it was making me ill.Now I know why they were so angry.


I have been dealing with Medco for 3 1/2 years ordering med's for my parents.Since summer of 2012, the people taking calls have no knowledge/understanding of the product or customer.

I just went through a full 90 day re-order, normal - and now everything is brand new and my mom has been without a very important organ sustaining medication for 4 days. I spent 6 hours (during work) for the past 2 days to figure out who, what, where, & why - finally I asked her doctor to deal with them.

Now I have frustrated medical personal - I just want to go back to RiteAid where I can talk to a person who knows their product and the customers.If anything happens to my mom from this ...


The combo of both Mdco & ExScrpts will be terrible.You think it's bad NOW?

Here's a question - why did our FTC allow this nightmare to happen??The REAL shame will land squarely on the FTC (who reached their decision during a Democratic Presidency!)The merger will be an EPIC FAIL!

to disgusted #588048

An interesting & astute observation.Perhaps this conglomerate will fail.

If too many compliance failures occur, it will tank & the St Louis Money People, who crafted the unholy alliance, will parse off the various Biz sections, making Huge profits, as they attempt to streamline this bizarre & uncoordinated Goliath. I think it may end up with an outcome similar to that of Eastern Airlines. Greed can cause sad situations. Express Scr CEO Paz seems to be shrewd & greedy & mean - a winning combo in today's Biz World.

But Paz may have over-stretched (Hubris is a dangerous thing!) When Express Scr bought Medco, it was like an adolescent rattlesnake had captured & killed a mature Elephant. It is one thing for a young snake to capture & kill a big Elephant; but it's another thing altogether to eat it! It may be difficult for Express Scr to ingest the huge Medco Elephant carcass.

Maybe it was easy to kill the Elephant - but it will probably be hard - impossible?- to consume.

to disgusted #588050

RE: "If you feel that Medco unfairly restricts your consumer choice, write the Department of Justice. Express-Scripts is now a giant company that owns Medco. These guys approved the merger. Do you agree?" antitrust.complaints@usdoj.gov

I realize Obama has alot on his plate right now...but gosh, it was strange that this monopolistic merger was approved during a Dem presidency. Consumers seem disgruntled. I don't think the displaced Employees are thrilled either. Oh well. The CEO & affluent shareholders made beau coup bucks. That indicates the Means justified the End, right?

Just so you'll know - the resulting 'merged' Corp is now Express Scripts. Medco is just a pale memory now.....So congrats on having a brand new HUGE conglomerate to deal with! This is just my humble opinion, but...I think you might soon feel nostalgia for poor old Medco (alas, you knew it well....)


That's the tip of the iceberg of the government healthcare system!Express Scripts constantly bombarded us with phone calls also, until I blocked their number on my phone.

Now I constantly get mail from them. Our family is a target for Express Scripts since we are military and are "supposed" to use them. They apparently have a contract with the military hospitals because their info is everywhere and promoted by the doctors and pharmacists.

I tried Express Scripts once, and it was the longest I have ever waited to get a Rx (about a month), then it sits in the mailbox until you get home to check it (medications are NOT supposed to be left out in the heat or it alters their chemicals).I will never use it again!


The worst company I have ever encountered.They are so bad I stopped taking the medication (against my Dr' advice) so I would not have to deal with them.

You can never determine if they have received an updated prescription and I was constantly contacting my Dr.They were the only company that I could obtain Lunesta from for a reasonable price, I am retired military.


I had Express Scripts for years & never once had a problem.The only time I would get a call is when they let me know my order was shipped.

Their customer service reps were always on top of things, so for me to be reading this, is a tad mind boggling.

I loved Express Scripts.Sorry!


if its really a problem, then contact the phone company and file a complaint for nuisance/harassment - it will stop then!

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